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Infor Lawson ERP Software Evaluation

When was the last time you had a Checkup?

Your Infor Lawson ERP System is critical to the success of your organization. Over time, your business is faced with a seemingly endless source of change. As these changes accumulate, your applications and business processes, initially configured according to past requirements, may no longer be aligned to your current and future needs.

A checkup is required from time to time to provide a realistic assessment of the current state of your Infor Lawson System and to determine your positions of strength or weakness.

Our Infor Lawson Certified Professionals conduct in-depth interviews with key individuals and collect on-site information about your current Lawson condition. Forté analyzes the assessment information and suggests the most cost-effective enhancements.

Our Infor Lawson Checkup can help your organization:

  • Identify Your Most Pressing Issues. Identify high-value targets and provide recommendations that will return the greatest benefits.
  • Increase Cost Savings. Improve application and process productivity to enhance the cost savings benefit of your Infor Lawson ERP software solution.
  • Leverage New Functionality. Provide awareness of new software capabilities that can improve the efficiency and value of your solution.
  • Increase User Skills. Identify knowledge gaps in users and recommend additional training to improve skills and eliminate weaknesses.

To learn more, contact your local Forté representative to schedule your initial Checkup consultation.