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Infor Lawson Process Flow Integrater

Do More With Less

Doing more with less is not an unfamiliar objective, but in these uncertain economic times, improving efficiency has become a mandate for organizations around the world. We believe that there is no better solution for doing more with less than Lawson ProcessFlow Integrator.
Lawson ProcessFlow Integrator is designed to help you automate business processes and establish how people share information among your Infor Lawson enterprise applications, non-Infor Lawson applications, and directly with your partners, clients and customers. A web services-capable solution, Lawson ProcessFlow Integrator is available within the Lawson S3 and M3 Enterprise Management Systems for customers in healthcare, public sector, financial services, manufacturing, distribution, food and beverage, fashion, equipment service management and rental, and other industries worldwide.

Save Money and Time

You can leverage ProcessFlow Integrator to help reduce manual processes, save time, and assist in maintaining accuracy of your company information to help reduce order and billing errors. For example, the solution can help you create electronic workflows for common tasks such as HR staff needing to change an employee's pay or position. It can also help you automate processes for common supply chain actions, including how raw materials are received, stored and used. The processes in these examples then follow a prescribed path, aligned with your company's business rules. Your users can also adjust the automated processes with the solution’s ProcessFlow Designer component, which uses a graphical user interface and drag-and-drop functionality to build and alter flows without the need to understand programming languages.

ProcessFlow Integrator helps you simplify integration of Infor Lawson applications with non-Lawson systems.

It essentially "unlocks" data from where it resides and allows it to be used within another application. It embeds IBM® WebSphere® Transformation Extender, which helps deliver consistent data, whether the information exists in an external web service, or human resources, financial, supply chain, or other business application.