Infor Lawson Technical Support

Your Infor Lawson ERP System is crucial to your business. The healthier it is, the better your business can perform. This is where Forté can help. We will provide the knowledge and expertise to assist you in keeping your Lawson System in the best possible shape.

Whether you are looking at the total outsourcing of the support and maintenance of your Lawson System, or just need coverage for specific tasks, to cover peak periods, or as a result of a skills shortage, Forté can help.

Our “Virtual” Infor Lawson System Administrator can provide off-site monitoring of your Lawson System and notify you of critical situations that could impact your environment. The virtual role allows you to maximize the benefits of having a go-to expert on a part-time basis.

Forté can provide an Infor Lawson System Administrator when you need them, whether on your site, or in a virtual role off-site to handle your day-to-day administrative duties including:

  • System Monitoring
  • Service Pack and Patch Maintenance
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  • Lawson Log Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Infor Lawson Job and Print File Maintenance
  • Profile and Security Administration
  • Problem solving
  • Lawson Virtual System Administration