Infor Lawson Training Workshops

Are you getting the most out of your Infor Lawson investment?

Many Infor Lawson Clients are looking for ways to improve their overall Lawson expertise. Your Infor Lawson Environment is constantly changing and every new version of Lawson brings new functionality that needs to be learned by the User.

Forté designed Lawson Training Workshops to provide Clients with the Infor Lawson knowledge they need in the format they want. We come to your site and bring the instructor to you. Instead of a generic curriculum geared towards a larger audience, we design your curriculum specific to your needs.

Our Infor Lawson Training Workshops benefits:

  • Customization - Forté meets with the Client to assess the specific training requirements and to design a course to meet the Client’s needs.
  • Develop a Working Model – We create a working model in the workshop to solve a current problem.
  • Increased Knowledge Retention – We work through real-life problems and solve current issues which improves the retention of knowledge.
  • Reduce Lost Productivity – Our training workshop model keeps your employees in their work environment and reduces lost productivity.
  • Reduce Costs – Reduce training travel costs associated with off-site training.
  • Our Infor Lawson ERP Training Workshop model improves your training return on investment, reduces your travel expenses and greatly improves the knowledge acquired during the training process.

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